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Since childhood, I have loved creating and designing in numerous arts— dancing, flower arranging, sewing, cooking, metals, clay, decoupage, and papier-mâché to mention a few. However, my professional career as a court reporter did not afford me the opportunity to develop my creativity and imagination. Consequently, upon retiring, I immediately jumped headfirst into various art mediums.


I formed Creative Accents By Terry, LLC at the urging of friends for whom I had made Christmas ornaments, holiday arrangements, gel candles, as well as assisting them in decorating their homes and offices. I didn’t have formal training in any of the above endeavors; I consider myself a self-taught artisan.


My line of natural spa products is a result of researching on the internet, many hours at the library, and then working on my own formulas (by trial and error) in order to develop lotion bars, lotions, sugar and salt scrubs, etc., that were healthy and designed to improve skin quality. I use only the finest oils, butters, sugars, and salts in all of the products that I make.


I began working with gourds about 2003. While shopping in Tucson at Ben Franklin Crafts, I happened upon a gourd class being taught. I asked the instructor, Maria, if I might join her gourd class to listen and observe.  She invited me to join, and within 15 minutes, I bought my first gourd and started working.  Upon completion of my first gourd design, I was addicted.  I took years of classes with Maria, and as I learned more and more, I began to sell my gourd creations through my business. 


Since that time, I have taken many gourd classes involving different techniques and have used them to develop my own style.  You might ask, “What is your style?”  I really can’t answer that with a one word answer.  I enjoy creating many different things with the gourds—lamps, birdhouses and feeders, purses, vases, masks, and accent pieces.  Gourd artists are loosely divided into two categories—craft and art.  “Craft” gourds might include birdhouses, ornaments, holiday décor, and “art” gourds are sometimes referred to as “gallery-quality pieces.”  My work includes both.  I entered competitions for the first time in 2004 and continue do so. 

Though I do not consider myself a “master gourd artist” yet, I continue to strive to become one.


Custom Orders

Do you have a specific theme or idea that you would like to have in a gourd or gourd jewelry, or have you seen a piece which has already been sold that you must have?


I will be happy to create a special order item for you, or, if you are interested in a piece already sold, I will be happy to make one similar for you. 

NOTE: Since no two gourds are identical, a replicated item is never exactly like the original.



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